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Total 700 items of Mizuhiki Paper Code have been uploaded.
Discount package is 20-40% of world standard price
 Mizuhiki Paper Code wholesale

To request Price List (Excel or htm) of Origami and Large Yuzen Washi is appreciated.

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Our region produce many kinds of paper and origami, which can be searched by the key "mizuhiki".
This URL is link free. I would be very honored without notice or with notice, if pardoned.

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*Links:(Alphabetical order.)
British Origami Society(BOS)
Awarded by more than ten dignities and having many informative and humorous diagrams and pictures and stories, directing origami mailing list.
Must go site !!!
Buyer's IndexBuyer's Index
The best search engine for Web and Catalog shopping
Janet Hamilton's List of Origami Sources
The largest links of origami suppliers having authority of giving awards.
Life in IMAGES
Really refined and humane photograph site appreciating any comment.
Origami 4 You
Really courtesy and informative site having advanced diagram search system.

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