Mizuhiki Paper Code wholesale
Mizuhiki Paper Code wholesale
Mizuhiki Paper Code wholesale

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Mizuhiki Paper Code is gorgeous decor or ornament for Greeting Cards or Wedding Card or Invitation Card, decorative wrapping.
Also material for artificial flower or decorative flower or bracelet or earring or broach or knot craft.

#  Mizuhiki Paper Code wholesale 700 items
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< Specification >
* Size: 920x0.8(diameter) mm
* Weight: 0.5-0.7 gram/cord
* Strength: 1 strand mizuhiki cord bears 3 kg.(6 kg/2)

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* Knot and fold property:
click to enlargeItem ClassRemarkable Knot and fold Property.
(* All items will lose hardness after one time folding.
* While all items will not cause crack after several times folding except solid .)
Solid Color* To be tighten perfectly.
* While some time cause a small crack in paint.
* Smaller knot.
Pearl* Smaller knot.
Silk* Smoothest curve.
Spiral metallic* Smoother curve.
Spiral Pearl* To be tighten easier.
* Smoother curve.
* Smaller knot.
Silk metallic* Property is much the same as metallic.
* Biggest knot.

< Package >
Every mizuhiki package is long type, with which
mizuhiki cord remain straight
and can be pulled out or accommodated more easily than round type.
Every bag is heat sealed on top.

* Standard Price Package
# 10 strands/pack

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# 100 strands/pack

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(English label is to be tacked.)
# 500 strands/pack

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(English label is to be tacked.)
# 2500 strands/pack

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* Discount Price Package
# 10 strands/pack, 100 strands/pack, 500 strands/pack

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# Assorted Package
(All of Assorted Package is Discount item.)
Each color is separated with slit in transparent film,
from which purpose color can be pulled out easily and
into which even short strand can be accommodated separately.

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 Mizuhiki Paper Code wholesale
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