Joyful origami supplies
All of E series items will be discontinued when stock is exsausted.
All of Washi Origami in S series items also will be discontinued when stock is exsausted except the following items.
# Shinwazome 7p 6'' 7s
# Yuzen Washi 8p 6'' 8s
# Aizome Washi 8p 6'' 8s
# Race Washi Ichimatsu 4c 6'' 16s
# Race Washi Wave 4c 6'' 16s

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* Price:
 E, S, T Series: around 50-70% of Japanese Retail Price or 25-35% of World Retail Price of Japanese origami.
 G Series: around 80% of Japanese Retail Price.
 According to quantity or for distributor price will be more cheaper.

* Image Supply
Double sized bmp fine image including full area image of each sheet that has no character of "Joyful origami supplies" can be supplied for free for order, which might be useful promotion or web construction.

Total 700 items of Mizuhiki Paper Code have been uploaded.
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