Large Yuzen Washi
Large Yuzen Washi ( wholesale supplies )
Large Yuzen Washi ( wholesale supplies )

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Yuzen Washi paper is deluxe paper decor or ornament for Paper Crafts, Origami, Scrapbooking, Greeting Cards, Wedding Card, Invitation Card, Lantern.

New 400 items of N series were added!!!

Freight: about JPY60/sheet(300sheets/order)-JPY120/sheet(30sheets/order) or EUR0.5-1/sheet.

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 Large Yuzen Washi 1,000 items!!!

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To download the following lzh file and to view each series image folder with batch viewer is faster and easier way.
Containning all series folder. file:All series Large Yuzen
 #2.lzh file(same items as zip file):All series Large Yuzen Washi.lzh(182Mbite)

This page also can be downloaded by batch downloader.
< Minimum >
K series: 50 sheets/Item
N series: 5 sheets/Item
Z series: 50 sheets/Item

< Cutting Option and Fee >
Any cutting size inquiry is appreciated except too small size.
* Availability:
K(including KX) series is confirmed.
N and Z series is not confirmed
Cutting Unit: 1 to 150 Sheets/Same Series Unit(KX Series is contained in K Series.)
The following is representative cutting size and fee.
Size Width x Height Cutting
Full 96 x 64
1/2 64 x 48 2,500
1/4 48 x 32 3,000
1/8 32 x 24 3,500

< Paper Size >
* Design area size of all large yuzen washi: 96x64 cm(37.8x25.2 inch).
* Paper size of all large yuzen washi: 98x66 cm(38.6x26 inch).
* Actual size of captured area:
  K-1, K-2, K-3, K_Origami-1-3, Z folder: 14.2x11.5 cm.
  K-4, K-5, K-6, K-7, K_Origami-4, K_Origami-5, K_Origami-6, K_Origami-7, KG folder: 14.8x11.8 cm.
  All of N folder: 13.3x10.0 cm.
  KX folder: approximately 8.5x8.5 cm
Items in K_Origami-*** folder might be appropriate for origami.
While size is same as the other large yuzen washi.

* Weight of all large yuzen washi: 57 gram. ...

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