What's New Origami
2013.4.21 The following 2 chiyogami items in origami T2 page were added.
# Chiyogami Collection 45p 3'' 180s

# Chiyogami Collection 45p 6'' 180s

The following 4 duo solid items in origami T1 page were added.
# Duo Solid 12p 6" 15s
# Duo Solid 12p 6" 35s
# Duo Solid 12p 6.9" 35s
# Duo Solid 12p 9.5" 35s
2013.2.25 Assorted Solid 30c 13.8'' 30s in origami T1 page was added.
2012.12.12 Original paper photo of Irodori_Washi_12.2x9.3_1s in origami T2 page was added.
2011.12.18 All of E series items will be discontinued when stock is exsausted.
All of Washi Origami in S series items also will be discontinued when stock is exsausted except the following items.
# Shinwazome 7p 6'' 7s
# Yuzen Washi 8p 6'' 8s
# Aizome Washi 8p 6'' 8s
# Race Washi Ichimatsu 4c 6'' 16s
# Race Washi Wave 4c 6'' 16s
2011.09.15 Total 700 items of Mizuhiki Paper Code have been uploaded.
Standard Price: 164 colors x 4(10, 100, 500, 2500 strands/pack)+
Discount Price: 16 colors x 3(10, 100, 500 strands/pack)+
Mizuhiki Related: 3(2 assorted+1 PE Bag)
 Mizuhiki Paper Code wholesale
2011.05.29 PH test page was added in origami and large yuzen washi page.
Link is right end of upper page.
 Individual link to PH test page.
Link to above page without notice is very honored!
2011.05.29 K and N series selected items pages were added in large yuzen washi page.
Link is top of K and N series menu page.
2011.04.18 T-2 page
 * English Diagram Kit
# Entire English diagram image of Solid 30c 30s+English 5 Diagrams was added.
# Partial English diagram image of Spinning Top 6 Sets+English Diagram was added.
2011.04.16 S-1 and S-2 page in "Java non-installed" page has been amended.
2011.04.15 New Item: Total 15 Items
S-1 page
 * Design Origami
    # Gradation Corona 4c 6'' 25s
    # Gradation Flower 4c 6'' 55s
    # Gradation Diagonal 4c 6'' 55s
    # Gradation Square 4c 6'' 55s
    # Soap Bubble 4c 6'' 36s
    # New Pattern 4c 6" 24s
 * Chiyogami Origami
    # Ichimatsu Chiyogami 4p 6'' 40s
    # Chiyogami Phoenix 3c 6" 30s
 * Washi Chiyogami Origami
    # Washi Assorted Solid 11c 6'' 20s
    # Washi Ayano 8p 6'' 24s
    # Washi Kyo Yuzen 8p 6'' 24s
S-2 page
 * English&French Diagram Kits
    # English&French 5 Animals 6'' 40s
 * Washi Origami
The following 3 items are exactly same as G series ones.
While S series items are cheaper than G series by 35% or more.
    # Shinwazome 7p 6'' 7s
    # Yuzen Washi 8p 6'' 8s
    # Aizome Washi 8p 6'' 8s
2011.04.12 31 items of Shikishi Board have been uploaded.
Shikishi board might be available for base of origami works.
2011.03.28 All of Chiyogami Origami and Washi Chiyogami Origami in S series became 10packs/case from 20 or 30packs/case.
2011.03.27 New Item: Total 18 Items
S page
 * English Diagram Kits
    # English&French 12 Insects 6'' 50s
T-1 page
 * Assorted duo Solid Origami
    # Tant Duo Same Red 12c 3" 96s
    # Tant Duo Same Blue 12c 3" 96s
    # Tant Duo Same Yellow 12c 3" 96s
    # Tant Duo Same Green 12c 3" 96s
    # Tant Duo Same 100c 3" 100s
    # Tant Duo Same Red 12c 13.8" 12s
    # Tant Duo Same Blue 12c 13.8" 12s
    # Tant Duo Same Yellow 12c 13.8" 12s
    # Tant Duo Same Green 12c 13.8" 12s
 * Special Paper Origami
    # Acid & Lignin Free Dot 4c 6'' 24s
    # Acid & Lignin Free Check 4c 6'' 24s
    # Acid & Lignin Free embroidery 4c 6'' 24s
T-2 page
 * Washi Chiyogami Origami
    # Economy Washi Chiyogami 10p 3'' 300s
    (Acid Free & Double Economy)
    # Economy Washi Chiyogami 10p 6'' 100s
    (Acid Free & Double Economy)
 * Washi Origami
    # Yuzen 4s Kyochiyo 3s Aizome 2s B4
 * English Diagram Kit
    # Washi Doll Hanger+English Diagrams
    # Washi Doll Desk+English Diagrams
2011.03.03 New 400 items of N series Large Yuzen Washi were added in Large Yuzen Washi page!!!
2011.02.24 Assorted Solid 20c 3" 300s was added in T-1 page(around top of page).
Economy more than double!!!
Assorted Solid 31c 6" 100s was added in T-1 page(around top of page).
2010.11.29 30 items of Irodori Washi 12.2x9.3 1s ** was added in T-2 page.
(Please click around bottom of T-2 menu page.)
2010.11.14 Minimum Goods Total for Wholesale became JPY5,000(aprox:USD60, EUR40) from JPY10,000.
7 item of Origami Books were added in T-2 page.
2010.11.08 Finally new origami web has been made including images.
Totally 500 items have been added.
 Origami: Wholesale
2009.11.12 New 240 origami items were added to wholesale item(Total 350 items).
Additionally 260 items of 3", 4.6", 6", 6.9", 9.5", 13.8" single color origami were added to wholesale item.
Requesting Price List (Excel or htm) is honored and appreciated.
2005.2.17Additional PayPal Personal account fee became +2.5% from 3.7%.(Rate exchange fee(2.5%))
Additional PayPal Business account fee became +5.9% from 7.7%. (Rate exchange fee(2.5%)+Credit transmit fee(3.4%))
2002.6.11silver origami, foil assortment origami has been added in S series.
2002.6.10New(T) series has been added including 4 size origami, pastel color origami, metallic momi origami, gold silver momi origami, hologram origami, mesh origami, cellophane origami, kusudama kit etc.
2002.2.26Washi origami, honey origami200s, 100 colors origami were discontinued.
2001.10.15Gradation pure, hand puppet story, origami zoo have been newly added in new page(E series Design Origami-2).
"USD bill in registered Air Mail" is newly added in payment method(Cent in Grand total is cutoff(discount).).
Kyoyuzen chiyogami 6", yuzen chiyogami assortment, kyoyuzen chiyogami assortment have been newly added in E series chiyogami origami.
Trade pack(1pack/item as a sample) and case selling has begun.

2001.8.27(assorted solids)educational origami 24c, 70 sheets/pack, retail price EUR1.50 was added to E series
2001.8.21* Every trade freight became cheaper drastically(3/4) EUR150-EUR400(whatever quantity)
2001.4.02* Wholesale pack selling(minimum is EUR100) began.
2001.2.25* All wholesale prices were discounted by 15%.
* Education origami (both 3" and 6") was discontinued.
2001.1.25* All price unit became EUR from JPY.
* Retail prices of 30 colors origami and cut washi were discounted by 20%-30%.
* All of howto order became easy to understand.
2000.6.24* Up load:
# S series; plain washi origami, design washi origami, 30 color plain washi, plain washi, design washi
# Retail howto order
# Wholesale howto order & price & freight
2000.3.1* Up load:
E series; plain origami, design origami, chiyogami origami
S series; plain origami, design origami, chiyogami origami