Oil Blotting Test Data
* How to popup the paper in non-popup package.
#1. Using double sided tape.
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1. Please stick small tip of double sided tape like above image.
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2. Please close and open package to popup the oil blotting paper.
#2. Using adhesive tape.
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1. Please turn about 15-20 mm of adhesive tape reversibly and stick it like above image.
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2. Please stick small tip of adhesive tape again or paper over stuck one like above image to reduce stick power.
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3. Please close and open package to popup the oil blotting paper.
#3. Using breath.
   Please blow on the finger intensively to wet and slide the top paper.

* Oil Blotting Test Data
The first scientific oil blotting paper test was made by a measure publishing company in Sep 2001,
selecting representative 20 items, including 1 item of film blotting and tissue paper.
Film blotting has top absorbent power.

If pardoned, the following image has more detail.
I really express my apology for Japanese language.
If image and figure were available, I am incredibly honored.
Back ground of each package image is original paper contained in it's package.
Test result information and image are printed in 2 pages.
http://joyfulorigami.jp/blottingimage/blotting_test-1p.jpg (388k)
http://joyfulorigami.jp/blottingimage/blotting_test-2p.jpg (347k)

Each test item cut from above p1.
#1. Texture
http://joyfulorigami.jp/blottingimage/texture.jpg (57k)
http://joyfulorigami.jp/blottingimage/textureLarge.jpg (164k)
#2. Hardness
http://joyfulorigami.jp/blottingimage/hardness.jpg (43k)
http://joyfulorigami.jp/blottingimage/hardnessLarge.jpg (110k)
#3. Absorbent quantity
(Right end side bar in absorbent quantity is tissue paper data.)
http://joyfulorigami.jp/blottingimage/absorbent_quantity.jpg (37k)
http://joyfulorigami.jp/blottingimage/absorbent_quantityLarge.jpg (86k)
#4. Visibility
http://joyfulorigami.jp/blottingimage/visibility.jpg (42k)
http://joyfulorigami.jp/blottingimage/visibilityLarge.jpg (114k)

Double size of above 2 pages.
http://joyfulorigami.jp/blottingimage/blotting_test-1pLarge.jpg (937k)
http://joyfulorigami.jp/blottingimage/blotting_test-2pLarge.jpg (957k)
Magazine cover (VOCE September 2001, Kodansha)
http://joyfulorigami.jp/blottingimage/magazinecover.jpg (34k)

Absorbent quantity and absorbent ranking of representative item.
Item No. Brand Name Absorbent Ranking
1 yojiya 7.2 15th
14 Hakugen film blotting 10.2 1st
16 Shiseido(Sweat&Oil Blotting Paper) 8.1 7th
17 Kesalan Patharan Blotting Sheet 7.5 13th
18 Anna Sui Blotting Papers 7.8 10th
http://www.annasui-cosmetics.com/ item is not found
19 Channel Oil Control Tissues 6.6 18th
20 Shiseido(UNO: men's) 6.9 17th
right end tissue paper 8.2 6th

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